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DHK-Group (Deutsche Handels Kompetenz) is a business combination created in 2013 to promote and develop German commercial, economic and technological competences in the world. We are bringing together several German and Swiss companies to operate in the field of Renewable Energy, identification technologies (Solutions for Government), Infrastructure, VIP transportation, industries, water treatment, and waste lifecycle management.

The member companies of DHK-Group are:

A system integration and consulting company. For Orbis Newtork Germany, provides its costomers and partners with CO2-neutral and emission-free processes where no external energy is required. The goal of Orbis Network is to achieve a full valuation of affordable Renewable Energy from Waste.

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Volker Haas founded the family-run business in 1989. HAAS Recycling System became,over years, one of the leading manufacturers of turnkey waste wood recycling installations as well as of crushing installations for potentially recyclable resources.

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A subsidiary company of RPP (Regional Petrolum Products) based in Saudia Arabic since 1996, RPP Germany is created in 2017 RPP and is specialized in various fields of low-cost energy production, oil production, construction of refinery and of bitumen plants, construction of Renewable Energy plants.

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AmiraUSA , a child company of Amira Group works with petroleum products suppliers and refineries in order to meet the needs of government and corporate clients. It provides comprehensive international project development services.

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MERI, which stand for Mondial des Études et Réalisations Industrielles supports the development of its customers and partners through a relevant and innovative offer of services, products and turnkey projects, mainly in the fields of petrochemicals, infrastructure energy and the environment.

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SOWAREEN, which stand for Solid Waste and Renewable Energy, provides technical as well as market-leading expertise and recognized German engineering in the area of Waste Management and Renewable Energy. SOWAREEN is a leader in the sector.

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Our Main Solutions

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energies

DHK-Group has an integrated solution of Waste recovery for producing clean Energy with a German advanced technology. In addition to our Waste to Energy solution, we also offer our customers the installation and operation of photovoltaic power plants.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

DHK-Group provides his partners with his expertise in study as well as design and construction of industrial infrastructures, that respects the applicable international code and standards; whether in the sector of gas, petroleum or Renewable Energy.

Waste management

Waste Management

Better management of the life cycle of waste is of increasing concern to municipalities, due to population and economic growth. Thus, we have developed tailor-made sustainable waste management solutions for cities; be they big or small.

Solution for government

Government solutions

We have latest technologies solutions of identification and issuance of biometrical authentic documents such as ID cards, passports, visas, borders controls. We provide a complete solution from enrolment to borders checks as well as issuance.




Some of Our Projects

Waste Recycling Projects

Implementation of Waste recycling system in Thailand. The system consist of: - Fine shredding of waste wood at 2 units, - Throughput approx. 25 t/h @ ca. 300 kg/m³

Waste to Energy Projects

Implementation of Waste to Energy plant in Ohio in USA (5 units), Lithuania, Kazakhstan and most of municipalities of German.

Infrastructures Projects

Oil and Gas storage depots, LPG filling station, Pipeline and storage tanks in Tunisia, in Libya, in Germany etc…

Other Projects

Many other projects being prepared in Balkan, in Turkey, in Africa in the domain of ID Technology, Waste treatment, Gas and Renewable Energies.




Contact Us



DHK-Group GmbH


Wahlenstrasse 29
D9304, Regensburg, GermanyTel/Fax: +49 94 16 3087594
E-mail: info@dhk-group.de
President: R. M. Magdalena
General Consultant: Jatsch Clivent
General Consultant: Mr. Heiko Müller
CEO: Tarek Draouil
General Manager: Delphin Sekle
DHK Building & Construction:
Mr. Tarek Battikh
Mr. Riadh Mami
Private Office for
H.H Princess Norah Bint Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al Saud
H.E. Sheikh Souheil Jomoaa Annouaymi

AmiraUSA - Africa,
General Manager: Tarek Draouil

DHK-Group Togo
1081, avenue Jean-Paul II
BP: 63139, Nukafu, Lomé Togo
Tel: +228 90 04 38 08
E-mail: togo@dhk-group.de
Balkan countries
Mr. Avni Nasufoski,
General Manager
DHK-Group Tunisia
- Mr.Tarek Draouil, President
- Mr. Bechir Benkgadda, Regional Director
E-mail: tunisie@dhkgroup.de
- Mrs Jalila Ghemigui,
- Mr.Fethi Khlifi
General Representative
DHK-Group Kuwait
- Mr. Hussain Al-Rashed, CEO,
Tel: + 96594422460
- Mr. Qaim A.Alhasawi, General Manager,
Tel :+ 96594447791
DHK-Group Iraq
- Mr. Ziad Al-Sawah, Representative,
- Rajaa Fadhel Mahmoud
E-mail: iraq@dhkgroup.de


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